Carved maple picture frame

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V recently got a wonderful Scott Campbell print called ROCKET HOUSE that needed an equally as wonderful frame to call home. I attempted to take pictures of the process, but unfortunately got distracted by the whole making process and only managed to snap a few… oops.

This humble picture frame started off as a piece of Eastern hard maple left over from the cutting board I had made a while back.Maple Picture Frame

A few quick cuts on the bandsaw and I was left with some more manageable pieces of wood.Maple Picture Frame

Then I started to forget about taking more pictures. After a few more bandsaw cuts, some time at the router table, some chops with the miter saw, I was left with an almost-picture-frame that looked like this.Maple Picture Frame

Then the hand-waving magic really happened. Out popped a completed picture frame complete with an acrylic sheet to protect the wonderful print!Maple Picture Frame


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Oak picture frame

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I picked up a print by Raymond Biesinger at the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair. It needed a nice home, and being a 24″ square print, frames that would fit were hard to come by. So off I went to the workshop to make one!

Oak picture frame

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