Carved maple picture frame

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V recently got a wonderful Scott Campbell print called ROCKET HOUSE that needed an equally as wonderful frame to call home. I attempted to take pictures of the process, but unfortunately got distracted by the whole making process and only managed to snap a few… oops.

This humble picture frame started off as a piece of Eastern hard maple left over from the cutting board I had made a while back.Maple Picture Frame

A few quick cuts on the bandsaw and I was left with some more manageable pieces of wood.Maple Picture Frame

Then I started to forget about taking more pictures. After a few more bandsaw cuts, some time at the router table, some chops with the miter saw, I was left with an almost-picture-frame that looked like this.Maple Picture Frame

Then the hand-waving magic really happened. Out popped a completed picture frame complete with an acrylic sheet to protect the wonderful print!Maple Picture Frame


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Completed cutting board

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Here is the finished product in all its glory!

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Cutting board is starting to come together

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The end grain cutting board I am making is starting to take shape. A few more pieces to cut up and it will be time to glue everything together.

End grain cutting board

On a side note, a smart idea is to label all the pieces so you know where they go. An even smarter idea is to save an image of the numbered pieces before you tear everything apart… oops. Thankfully the pieces were in a somewhat logical order.

End grain cutting board

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