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Oak picture frame

I picked up a print by Raymond Biesinger at the¬†Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair. It needed a nice home, and being a 24″ square print, frames that would fit were hard to come by. So off I went to the workshop to make one!

Oak picture frame

The frame is made from oak and finished with an iron oxide mixture that is made by placing steel wool in a container of vinegar. This mixture is wiped on to the wood and within 5 minutes it goes from just looking like wet wood to being a dark stain. It is quite interesting to watch. After the desired darkness was achieved a coat of wipe on poly was used to seal everything up.

The mitered corners on the frame are reinforced with circular biscuits. The circles were made 1″ in diameter, that way a simple plunge of a 1″¬†forstner bit was all that was required to inset them. I decided that since I was making a bunch of circles I might as well make enough to use them to create the mat hold down tabs as well.

Oak picture frame
Oak picture frame

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